Electric Double Hydraulic Patient Transfer Lift Rechargeable Battery Patient Hoist Lifting Device for home and hospital


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What is electric patient transfer lift?

A electric patient transfer lift is a safety assistive device that helps individuals with limited range of motion or have trouble getting out of bed. But it’s assistive device that will help. With safety and it basically helps people not lay in bed all day long when they have debilitating disease. So it’s important to learn how to use it if you’re going to face that situation. Of course, there are lots of different devices, a lot of different patient circumstance.

We’re just going to give you a general idea of some best tips:

• Practice transfer lifter often so that you become proficient at the task before you try to lift a patient.

• Practice transfer lifter from bed to wheelchair or chair, from chair to bed and floor to bed.

• Safety is most important when performing lifts. And that includes your safety. Always use good body mechanics. Keep your center of gravity low and use your leg muscles.

• Separate your legs to establish a broad base of support. Keep your spine in natural alignment and never twist while lifting.

• Always inspect the patient’s sling before using it. Check for wear, tears and loose stitching. Bleached, torn, cut, frayed or broken slings are unsafe and should not be used.

Wheelchair Transfer Patient Hoyer Lift Feature:

• Frame: Steel, powder coating

• Chassis Length: 110cm

• Chassis Width: 54 – 59.5cm

• Lifting Height: 98 – 198cm

• Handle Height: 118cm

• Castor Hegiht: 13.5cm

• Motor: DC 24V 8000N

• Battery: DC 24V 5Ah, interchangeable feeding battery. Approximate 60 lifts per full charge

• Charger: 24V-1A

• Charging Time: 5 hours per time

• Front Castor: 3” solid tires

• Rear Castor: 4” solid tires with locking

• Push Handle: Push handle with rounded corners

• Max Patient Weight: 150kg

• Packaging Size: 121 x 66 x 35cm

• Weight: 46kg


Electric Portable Patient Transfer Lift using hoist to move a patient from bed to toilet, and lifting patient from be to wheelchair.

• Supporting and transfer patient using hydraulic hoist to lift up patient

• Electric control using the hoist will reduce the rick of back injuries to care giver

• Easy to use and convenient to move and lift up patient from bed to wheelchair or to toilet

• Widened and strong force belt that not easy to fracture deformation.

• With adjustable safety belt, which can adjust the tightness according to patient need.


Electric Hydraulic Patient Transfer Lift Rechargeable Battery Patient Lifting (High Power 8000N Double Hydraulic):

Selling Price RM4750 , Promotion: RM4550

For heavy usage purposes, you can purchase additional independent charger (RM275)

Lifting and transfering a heavy patient.

Lifts to transfer patients

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 57 × 35 × 130 cm


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