Electric Wheelchair Heavy Duty Foldable (Red Seat)


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•    Sport Rim Aluminum Alloy
•    The side armrests are removable for easy patient transfer
•    With Front and back spring shock absorption
•    Motor durable
•    Easy folding, and fit into small car
•    Max Loading: 120kg
•    Good quality lithium battery
•    Battery Removable, easily charge at home or anyway while you travel
•    With controller speed, allow you to adjust fast or slow
•    Max Speed: 6km/h
•    Brake system: auto brake when you leave your hand control
•    Front and reverse function
•    Estimate range: 15 -20kg
•    Our Service team work shop is at Kuala Lumpur Fresco Bike
•    Motor Warranty 1 Year.
•    Controller, Charger, and Battery Warranty 6 Months

•    Motor: 250W x 2
•    Lithium Battery: 24V12Ah
•    Aluminum Alloy Sport Rim
•    Frame: Steel
•    Overall Width: 123cm
•    Overall Length: 68cm
•    Overall Height: 90cm
•    Folded Width: 40cm
•    Seat Width: 48cm
•    Seat Height: 54cm
•    Seat Depth: 44cm
•    Armrest Height: 20cm
•    Backrest Height: 43cm
•    Real Wheel dia.: 16inch
•    Front Wheel dia.: 9.5inch
•    Carton Size: 84 x 44 x 79cm
•    Carton Weight: 41kg
•    Wheelchair Weight: 38kg


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